Top 4 Mid-segment Sportbikes to buy in 2022

  The 2022 Yamaha R7 got the 650cc mid-segment sportbike market excited, close on the heals of the Aprilia RS660 launch. The difference is, Aprilia had been teasing the RS660 since EICMA 2018, but the Yamaha R7 hit like a shock and awe event that nobody foresaw.  Question is, which on the best for people whole love fully faired sports bikes but do want to them to be reasonably comfortable and practical.  It makes sense to compare them on Looks, sound, exhaust notes, comfort, rider aids and equipment and reliability. The new contenders: Yamaha YZF R7 Aprilia RS660 Honda CBR650R Kawasaki Ninja 650 Looks Looks are subjective, but I like the Aprilia RS660 the most. Yamaha R7 would be the next. Honda CBR650R looks like a smaller version of the Fireblade at least the front does. Ninja 650 in it's latest avatar does look pretty sharp too. Looks are, of course, a matter of personal opinion, so type away your own ranking in the comments Sound I love the stock exhaust sounds of the Y
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